Reason #1 to Attend Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

Why is attending Throwzone’s 16th annual Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp so important in a player’s development? Here’s one reason…

Myth: I must play a lot of games during the summer months in order to get noticed by colleges.

Fact: If you don’t possess skills such as a high velocity on your pitches, running faster than anyone else around you, or the ability to hit like Mike Trout, then it’s a waste of time to go to showcases.

Solution: Training during the all-important summer season is an ABSOLUTE must to prepare you for scout ball or your high school fall season. Here at Throwzone Academy, we can train you to improve your throwing and pitching skill set by adding velocity to your pitches, creating better movement on other pitches such as a breaking ball or changeup, and providing a roadmap to continue on your quest to pitch at the collegiate level and above.

Ready to sign up? Camp starts June 6th, and we’re just waiting to receive your son’s registration form!

For more information and to register, visit or call 661-644-2147.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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