Reason #3 to Join Us at Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp Edit Subject

Let’s debunk one more myth to show why attending Throwzone’s 16th annual Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp is so vital to your son’s player development:

Myth: If I can throw a baseball 85 mph, then I’ll get to pitch in college!

Fact: Sure, this is true if you want to pitch at a small D3 college in the middle of the country or farther east. However, if your goal is to pitch at a big university, then the magic pitching number is 92 mph for right-handed pitchers and 90 mph for left-handers.

Solution: Throwzone Academy guarantees that our players will strengthen their arms and add velocity to their pitches. Players training with us develop an unshakeable desire to improve and throw with a singular focus of reaching 90 mph and above. And our annual Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp is a big reason why they’re able to reach that goal.

Join us this summer! Camp starts June 6th, and we’re just waiting to receive your son’s registration form!

For more information and to register, visit or call 661-644-2147.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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