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When you attend Throwzone’s 16th annual Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp, you’ll not only see a difference in your pitching speed, you’ll  end up with a healthier throwing arm. Here’s why:  

Myth: I shouldn’t do too much throwing in order to keep my arm healthy and injury-free.

Fact: The exact opposite is true! We need to throw to keep our arms safe and healthy. Can you imagine a person going to the gym once a week and thinking they’re going to reach their health goals? However, if that same person goes five or six times a week and trains continuously doing cardio, weight stacks, crunches, while also drinking plenty of water and eating well, then their health goals will be well in reach. It works the same way in baseball.

Solution: Throwzone’s summer camp is the perfect training to help you reach your pitching and velocity goals.

There are many different facets to our training from multiple dynamic warm-ups to strength and explosive exercises similar to the explosive nature of throwing a baseball. We also use weighted ball training and mound video analysis to gauge where your pitching strengths and weaknesses are. Unlike using just the bench press to improve your chest strength, Throwzone’s multifaceted development will touch on all the ways your body moves when you pitch and will improve your overall ability and skill set while pitching in a game. As this is our 16th year of summer training, we have to be doing something right to sell out every year!!

Join us this summer! Camp starts June 6th, and we’re just waiting to receive your son’s registration form!

For more information and to register, visit or call 661-644-2147.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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