Final Reminder! FREE Mental Performance Training Sunday, June 12th!

We’re sharing one final reminder about the mental training presentation Throwzone Academy will be hosting on Sunday, June 12th at 3:00 pm with mental training coach Jason Gordon.
The response has been amazing, and we have a few more spots available before we close out the admittance to a number that the facility can handle. Contact Jim via email at or text 661-644-2147 to claim your seat for this important presentation. Here are the details: 

Hello Throwzone families!

In addition to the baseball trainings and other events regularly taking place here at Throwzone, we’re always looking to provide helpful tools for your child’s athletic development. With the high school baseball season coming to an end, this is a great time to assess the needs of your children.

There are showcases, college events, and travel ball tournaments throughout the West Coast as well as in Nevada, Arizona, and even Texas. In fact, some of our students will be traveling out to Georgia for one of the biggest baseball events of the year, all in the hope of getting recognized by colleges or possibly professional scouts.

Every player wants to get the best bat available, grow stronger in the gym, and they train for velocity enhancement here at Throwzone, putting in the effort to be physically ready for all of these summer events.

However, all too often one of the most important aspects of our training is lacking: the mental preparation to perform on a big stage. 

While players create habits to ready themselves physically, their mental training isn’t given the same focus and isn’t at the same level as their physical training. When I speak to groups of players, I’ll ask them what percentage of playing baseball is mental. Most players will tell me it’s 30%, 50%, or 75% mental, and some even say 90%. But when I ask the group how much work they do on the mental aspect of their game, it’s usually 0-10%!

Why spend almost 100% of the time only physically preparing ourselves for the game and spend little to no time on the mental aspect of the game?

To help players strengthen their mental preparation, Throwzone Academy is excited to present a FREE presentation on the mental aspect of the game, and we want you and your child to be a part of it.

On Sunday, June 12 at 3:00 pm here at Throwzone Academy, we have special guest and mental training expert Jason Gordon joining us for a presentation on how to make the mental part of the game a HUGE part of your success on the field.

Jason Gordon is a former professional golfer who thrived on the mental aspect of the game while on the professional tour. He trains athletes of all ages on how to create and use simple mental routines to make a player’s efforts on the field much easier. Here are a few notes that Jason shared with me on what you’ll be learning during this 45-minute session:

*Mental performance training is imperative not only in today’s world of sports but in your continued growth as a person. 

*Confidence, mindset, and action are learned skills.  

*Overcome negative mindsets and preconditioned beliefs. 

*Learn skills to maintain confidence and pinpoint focus. 

*Understand how self-awareness is key to more confident thought patterns. 

*Learn how your daily routines and behaviors affect every aspect of your life not only as an athlete but as a person.  

*Bring out the high-value athlete that’s inside of you.  

I look forward to meeting you. 


This 45-minute presentation will be held at Throwzone Academy and is a FREE event. Just bring yourself, your baseball or softball player, and maybe a drink. We’ll have the facility set up for you to enjoy this excellent seminar on the importance of a player’s mental performance in baseball.

Let me know that you’ll be attending via email at or text at 661-644-2147, and we’ll add your name to the list. Please note: we can only accommodate 30 people total, and as of this writing we have 8 people already confirmed.

I can assure you that this is unlike any other event we’ve had here at Throwzone, and we’re so excited to have Jason run an event like this for our clients.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on Sunday, June 12 at 3:00pm!!

Until next time……

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