Get 20% Off the Marc Pro Recovery Device During July 4th Sale!

One of our all-time favorite training tools at Throwzone, especially for post-arm care recovery, is our Marc Pro electric stim device.

The beauty of the Marc Pro device is it’s portability. It’s the perfect recovery tool for any player traveling to and from a game, a high school player who needs to get on the bus immediately after a game, or as we use it here at Throwzone Academy, a post-arm care device that absolutely takes the place of any icing that players usually did in the past.

One of the great myths in baseball is that pitchers must ice their arm after a bullpen or game. That theory’s been debunked over the past 15 years with research proving that icing an arm after throwing inhibits recovery and new blood flow getting to the affected area, primarily the shoulder or elbow. Ice completely freezes out any new blood flow from getting to those areas until the ice is removed.

There’s a great book out called ICED by Gary Reinl, and he explains in detail why leading doctors recommend athletes NOT ice an injury.

Hence, we use the Marc Pro. This device contracts the muscle around any area of soreness, tightness, or fatigue and gets new blood flowing immediately into those areas of need. The Marc Pro is easy to carry around and use. And players swear by the results they get, sharing it greatly improves their ability to recover. In fact, Marc Pro devices are in every professional clubhouse.

Now you can get your own Marc Pro — and at 20% off the regular list price! Marc Pro is running their annual 4th of July sale. All you need to do is visit, and use the code “THROWZONE” in the coupon code box at checkout. You also can even make no interest payments on the device!!

We’re excited to share this fantastic opporunity with you! The sale begins June 29 and ends July 6, so don’t miss out.

I hope you’ll find this device to be as helpful and vital to your son’s training and recovery as we do with our players here at Throwzone!

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