Starts Tuesday! Register for Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp Today!

If you train with Throwzone in July, then you can rest assured that you’re improving your skill set exponentially higher than your friends who just keep playing games over and over.

As mentioned in past emails, training and development will ALWAYS trump those players who only play in games.

Of course, there’s no way around playing games for a high school player on their school team or having committed to playing with a travel ball team.  BUT, combining training during the week with those games will prepare players to become more athletic and stronger as well as experience better recovery than those players who don’t train.

It’s the #1 reason why more and more college players will skip summer ball to train at some outstanding facilities across the country. One player I know was supposed to join the prestigious Cape Cod league, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to increase his fastball speed by pitching only once a week. Instead, he got his coach’s blessing and is now training his trail off to get to the velocity levels that he knows he needs to compete in his conference next spring.

We are offering the same opportunity for your player. Why play games where results are the only determining factor of where you stand when it’s widely understood that the PROCESS is the important thing in development. This is why professional organizations focus so much on player development without any regard for winning minor league games or emphasizing wins and losses. Those players need to be ready for the big leagues and only development does that. That’s why we stress the importance of development with our Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm HealthTraining Camps.

When you attend Throwzone’s summer training, you’ll not only see a difference in your pitching speed, you’ll  end up with a healthier arm. 

You need to throw to keep your arm safe and healthy. Can you imagine a person going to the gym once a week and thinking they’re going to reach their health goals? However, if that same person goes five or six times a week and trains continuously doing cardio, weight stacks, crunches, while also drinking plenty of water and eating well, then their health goals will be well in reach. It works the same way in baseball.

Throwzone’s Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm HealthTraining Camp is the perfect training to help you reach your pitching and velocity goals.

There are many different facets to our training from multiple dynamic warm-ups to strength and explosive exercises similar to the explosive nature of throwing a baseball. We also use weighted ball training and mound video analysis to gauge where your pitching strengths and weaknesses are. Unlike using just the bench press to improve your chest strength, Throwzone’s multifaceted development will touch on all the ways your body moves when you pitch and will improve your overall ability and skill set while pitching in a game. As this is our 16th year of summer training, we have to be doing something right to sell out every year!!

Join our training for the month of July, and let us take your son to the next level!! Camp starts July 5th, so get your registration in today!

For more information and to register, visit or call 661-644-2147.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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