Ron Wolforth and the Texas Baseball Ranch Return in September for Elite Pitchers Boot Camp!

Ron Wolforth and the Texas Baseball Ranch are coming back to Southern California!

Reserve your slot NOW for the upcoming Elite Pitchers Boot Camp held one weekend only in Santa Clarita, CA!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

September 23–25, 2022

This exclusive 3-day baseball camp is for committed pitchers with a burning desire to advance to the next level!

One Size Does Not Fit Everyone

In fact, one size won’t even fit one person forever. You are certainly not the same athlete you were last year, so your training program shouldn’t be either. It should grow and evolve with you. There has never been another athlete exactly like you in human history. Your program MUST meet and support your current skills and abilities as well as address your current obstacles, constraints, and limitations.

What’s Your Biggest Pitching Problem?

  • I don’t throw hard enough to get the attention of scouts and recruiters.
  • I’ve been told I’m not using my legs and hips enough.
  • I would immediately throw harder if I just didn’t have this pain, but no one can show me exactly how to eliminate it.
  • I’m really good, and then I’m really bad.
  • It’s always been difficult to stay completely confident all the time.
  • I struggle with my breaking ball or off-speed pitches.
  • I throw hard, but my control stinks.

Take This Quiz: 

  • Do you have arm pain, tightness, or soreness that hurts your performance?
  • Do you want more velocity so you can make it to the next level?
  • Do you want more command of your pitches?
  • Do you want better secondary skills?
  • Do you want more consistency from game to game?
  • Do you want to recover better between starts or training sessions?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one question, you’ll find answers in this letter.

That’s because this information is your ticket to pitching at 90 mph, dominating hitters, and reaching the next level!

You’re invited to my one-of-a-kind training camp, specifically geared toward serious, committed, and dedicated pitchers between the ages of 12–25.

Hello, I’m Coach Ron Wolforth.

With over 178 of my students drafted in the past 10 years, I’ve learned something that changed my life and the lives of the pitchers I coach.

I’ve learned that in order to get life-changing results, you have to think outside the box and do things a little differently. This is why I invented the Durathro System and designed the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp to be a completely different type of training experience.

With this system, the focus is on the individual athlete. You can adapt, adjust, and overcome when you understand where you are right now.

You Just Found the Best Program in the World!

To appreciate the incredible power of the Durathro System, you’ll need to grasp the four basic tenets it’s founded upon:

  1. Paradigms matter. An incorrect or incomplete paradigm can bring growth and development to a screeching halt, while the right one can accelerate learning tenfold.
  2. The hyper-personalization of programming. This personalized program is far superior to the standard “one size fits all” program.
  3. The Bernstein Principle. When it comes to motor skills like pitching a baseball, the Bernstein Principle, the central nervous system, and motor learning RULE.
  4. Assessments and awareness are key. Knowing EXACTLY where you are right now is absolutely invaluable in designing the right path forward.

You’ll throw better, harder, faster, and be a better athlete! 

You’ll Get More Power with This Program

  • Develop a healthy, durable arm. Most of the population has very little idea how to do this, and the conventional wisdom is often horrible in this regard. This is one big reason why arm injuries occur at epidemic proportions.
  • Develop a connected, efficient movement pattern. It sounds simple, but without a plan the vast majority of pitchers, even at the professional levels, are disconnected to some degree.
  • Build a bigger motor. Develop skill strength specific to throwing a baseball, not powerlifting, body building, or football strength.
  • Train neuromuscular firing by utilizing the underload/overload concept.
  • Understand the Bernstein Principle and the critical nature of “intent.” Nothing may be more important to velocity development than understanding these two concepts and how to apply them in your training.
  • Objectively measure everything you can from your warm-up to your recovery. Included in this year’s camp will be TrackMan and Rapsodo measurements!
  • Receive regular check-ups and assessments to ensure you’re on track.

You’ll Learn How to Stay Injury-Free

You are your own unique athlete! The true genius behind the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is our personalized approach.

  • Do not ignore or minimize ANY pain or discomfort because there is a reason for it.
  • Have a personalized and specific plan for off-season, pre-season, and in-season training because rest is not a plan.
  • Systematically prepare the soft tissue of the shoulder and elbow because rest is not preparation.
  • Develop strength in the prime movers so the load will not be primarily dependent upon the arm, elbow, or shoulder.
  • Create strength, balance, structural alignment, and physical symmetry because the body works as a synchronized unit.
  • Eliminate/reduce mechanical inefficiencies and disconnections.
  • Have a personalized and specific plan for your warm-up and recovery process.
  • Monitor your sleep, nutrition, and hydration, all of which affect your ability to recover.
  • Create a competent team around you who know you, your goals, your workload, and your constraints.

Ron Wolforth’s Elite Pitchers Boot Camp, in conjunction with Throwzone Academy, is 3 days of the most intense, results-driven pitching instruction, training, and education in the country today.

Plus, just like you, the boot camp evolves every year! Things are always being added, changed, improved, and enhanced.

What won’t change is Elite Pitchers Boot Camp will always be directed by me, Coach Ron Wolforth,  along with the help of the best teachers and coaches in the country today.

EPBC Program Itinerary

Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Opening Presentation/Mindset
  • Wake Up Warm-up
  • Agility Work
  • Rotation #1 – Video Recording (2 angles)
  • Rotation #2 – Agility
  • Rotation #3 – Strength Work
  • Rotation #4 – Arm Care
  • Recap & Close

Day 2

  • Opening Statements
  • Wake Up Warm-up
  • Rotation #1 – Upper Half Video Analysis (Coach Ron)
  • Rotation #2 – Arm Care
  • Rotation #3 – Throwing Upper Body (Coach Tyler)
  • Rotation #4 – Baseball Ranch Movement Assessment/BRAT (Coach Jonathan)
  • Rotation #5 – 7 Innings Work (Coach Garrett)
  • Lunch (on your own)
  • Rotation Work 6
    • Lower Half Video Analysis
    • Long Toss
    • Throwing (Lower Half)
    • BRAT Corrective Exercises
    • Curveball/Change Up
  • Closing Day Presentation
  • Close

Day 3

  • Pictures
  • Mindset video
  • Duratro Presentation
  • Wake Up Warm-Up
  • Rotations – Continued Circuit
    • Video Analysis (Lower Body)
    • Throwing Drills – Part 2
    • BRAT Corrective Exercises
    • Secondary Pitches (Change Up/Slider)
    • Strength Work (Suspension Training)
  • Myelination Presentation
  • Radar Readings
  • Parent Q&A
  • Closing Statements
  • Close

What People Are Saying about Elite Pitchers Boot Camp

“The entire coaching staff was amazing. The inspirational time is great and the attention to preparation and arm care is valuable information. You will not leave this camp without gaining huge amount of tools and knowledge. It is very organized, and time is not wasted at all. The entire camp is a great atmosphere.”
– Mike Murphy (father of Christopher Murphy, Boston Red Sox 5th round draft pick in 2019 MLB draft)

“The Texas Baseball Ranch is more than just the exceptional and remarkable individualized drills, plans, and assessments, but the attention to detail for EVERY participant is tremendous. TBR creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and instills the idea that they are people who want YOU to get better, stay healthy, and to achieve YOUR dreams.”
– Jennifer Moore (son Kael, 15 years old)

“Very engaging, friendly, and super staffed. Coach Wolforth and his team were great! Well worth the cost of the camp, and thank you for making this happen!”
– Yvette Lasiter (son Luke)

“Worth every penny and minute spent for the committed and goal-oriented athlete. Coach Ron and his staff are the best in the world at what they do. In just 12 months, my son, Declan, went from 60 to 71 mph average, touching 74 mph with a personalized plan to hit 80 mph within the next 3–4 months. Velocity CAN be taught and gained safely, and my son is proof of the Texas Baseball Ranch process.”
– Kevin Romero (son Declan, 14 years old)

When Is the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp Held?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

September 23–25, 2022

How Much Does the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp Cost? 

Attending a 3-day event like this at the Texas Baseball Ranch normally costs $2,999. With travel arrangements (flight, car, hotel), that cost could amount to as much as $4,800!

However, if you register before August 19th, attending Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is only $999!!

After August 19th, the cost will be $1,125 until 2 weeks before the camp when the cost goes up to $1,295.

What Else Will You Receive When You Sign Up? 

Besides being trained by the very best pitching coaches for 3 days, you will also receive:

  • A camp shirt
  • A notebook
  • An Elite Pitchers Boot Camp group photo as well as an individual photo with Coach Wolforth
  • Individual video analysis
  • A practice plan to ensure your future success on the mound

The Only Catch? 

Registration is strictly limited to the first 36 pitchers who apply and are accepted. We already have 17 spots reserved from last year’s camp, so slots are filling up! This helps us ensure every athlete gets the same amount of hyper-personalized, individual training that makes our boot camp famous.

Once we hit our limit of 36 applications, doors will close and you’ll have to apply for the next boot camp, if there’s room.

My suggestion to you is, don’t delay. 

If you love baseball and pitching, have a burning desire to improve, and are not afraid of hard work, then you’re a great candidate for the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp. We’d love to have you aboard!

Ready to Sign Up? Here’s What to Do!

Payment reserves your spot. As of this writing, we’re already close to filling more than 35% of the available spots.

We accept Venmo, Zelle, checks, credit cards, or cash.

Hotel and camp information will be provided once registration has been completed and will be sent out in approximately 2 weeks.

The registration form will be posted on the Throwzone website at

Have questions? Call 661-644-2147 (Coach Jim’s cell number), and we’ll take care of you!

Sign up today! You’ll be glad you did.

See YOU at EPBC 2022

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