Guess who’s back?? The nation’s best pitching coach returns in September!

Guess who’s back??

The nation’s best pitching and throwing coach is returning to Southern California and so is the country’s best pitchers boot camp!!

Who is this coach? Here are a few clues:

What pitching instructor in the United States has generated 162 drafted pitchers since 2003? (Several of those pitchers are currently MLB pitchers across multiple organizations. Two pitchers were drafted #3 and #4 overall in the 2011 MLB draft. Last June, 8 players were drafted into the MLB amateur draft.)

Who’s created a training philosophy and system that’s produced 527 pitchers topping 90 mph, 174 topping 94+ mph, and 32 topping 100 mph?

What pitching instructor is referred to as the “pioneer of objective measurement for pitchers” and the “main architect in the national trend toward developing athleticism and degrees of freedom into the pitching athlete”?

What man is routinely consulted by most major league teams and college powerhouses like Vanderbilt, Michigan, South Carolina, and Washington to help their pitchers? (These same places have used this coach’s system to develop players like David Price and Sonny Gray among others!)

In fact, using this coach’s system:

  • 15-year-old Trevor Bauer went from 81 to 94 mph in 9 months!
  • 17-year-old Jesus Mendoza went from 68 to 88 mph in 14 months!
  • 17-year-old Blaize Allen went from 82 to 88 mph in 2 weeks!
  • 21-year-old Eric Bender went from 81 to 92 in 9 months!
  • 10-year-old Zack Knoll went from 52 to 60 mph in 8 weeks!

Have you guessed who this coach is?

For the 15th consecutive year, Coach Ron Wolforth and his Elite Pitchers Boot Camp (EPBC) return to Southern California! 

Throwzone Academy will be hosting this 3-day event the weekend of September 23rd – 25th in Santa Clarita, CA!

Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is a firsthand look at what the very best in baseball are doing today in terms of training, throwing, and pitching. Coach Wolforth will be joined by his team from the Texas Baseball Ranch: Director of Player Development Jill Wolforth, Jonathan Massey, Durathro expert Pierce Jones, Isaiah Trevino, and current Cincinnati Reds catcher Garrett Wolforth.

This is the only time of the year they travel to the West Coast to teach and develop pitchers with goals of pitching in high school, college, and professional baseball!

Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is run by renowned experts in the field of pitching, led by nationally-known pitching and training expert Coach Ron Wolforth.

Coach Ron is the most sought-after pitching and throwing expert in the country. His Texas Baseball Ranch in Houston is the most well-known pitching and throwing academy in the United States. His facility conducts pitching camps, coaches’ clinics, and year-round training programs from youth players to the professional pitchers. Hundreds of students travel to Texas to train with him. The best NCAA baseball coaches constantly seek him out for guidance with their pitching staff. The MLB is now showing up at the Texas Baseball Ranch to learn more about his training methodologies.

Here are a few of the professional pitchers Coach Wolforth has worked with at the Texas Baseball Ranch:

Justin Verlander – Detroit Tigers

Tyson Ross – San Diego Padres
Joe Ross – Washington Nationals
Dylan Bundy – Los Angeles Angels
Trevor Bauer – Los Angeles Dodgers
Bud Norris – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Chien Ming Wang – Kansas City Royals
CJ Wilson – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Scott Kazmir – Former MLB pitcher

Coach Ron Wolfoth is considered by many to be the premier trainer of pitchers in the world today.

His specialty is developing velocity and explosiveness. During the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp, Coach Wolforth and his team will walk players through how to utilize their entire body to deliver a baseball, use plyo balls, ladders, hurdles, core balls, Durathrow socks, arm bands, and a unique approach to the long toss you’ve never seen before. The drills and training sessions develop each athlete’s innate athleticism and power. Plus, the Ranch’s BRAT system measures all areas of a pitcher’s body with a goal of developing each player’s innate athleticism and power.

Santa Clarita Valley’s own pitching expert, Coach Jim Wagner who operates Throwzone Academy, will be joining Coach Ron and his team for this event. This past June, Coach Jim had several baseball players chosen in the MLB amateur draft and has worked with countless professional, college, high school and youth-level players from all over Southern California. Two of his current pitchers made the national Area Code Games playing on the Brewers elite team.

Here’s what people are saying about their experience in the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp and working with Coach Wolforth: 

“The best part of the camp was that the presentation was simple but outstanding. The motivation and confidence I received from the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp was the best, and the instruction is far beyond any other program that is out there. The camp is unlike any other in a positive manner. I will absolutely be there next year.” 

  • Cody Buckel, 2nd round draft pick in 2010 for the Texas Rangers

“We came to our first camp looking for a high-quality, proven process to develop our son into the best pitcher he can be. He has always been the smallest and youngest (and slowest) but hardest worker on his team. We believe this camp have him a process and confidence to pursue his dreams.”

  • Tammy Schiller, Ridgecrest, CA

“The best part of the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp was that as a parent and coach I get so much inspiration from Ron for both my son and I. Chris loves the camp and loves to work hard. The hook ’em drills were helpful, and the long toss work with Trevor was awesome. The presentation was very well done and a lot of time was obviously put into the weekend as it was run well. Job well done!!”

  • Mike Murphy, Granada Hills, CA (son Chris Murphy was a 2019 MLB draft for the Boston Red Sox) 

“The Texas Baseball Ranch helps your athlete improve upon his best assets, and also provides your son with an opportunity to correct mechanical weaknesses. The staff is engaged, energetic, and invested in your son!”

  • Christopher Altschul, Los Angeles, CA

*The best part of the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp was the drills my son learned. He also enjoyed the long toss and pitching methods. The entire weekend was very well organized. I will definitely be attending this camp next year.”

  • David Gavin, Henderson, NV

“I have been involved in college athletics for over 36 years and my son has been involved in baseball for 11 years. This camp has provided him, for the first time, with sound evaluation and criticism. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the staff…their understanding of kinesiology and biomechanics and how it applies to better baseball results. I also commend their mental approach to pitching concepts and encouragement fostering self-growth.”

  • Chuck Gravett, Napa, CA

“The Texas Baseball Ranch and the Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is a PERFECT GAME for anyone who loves the game and wants to get better. Their unique combination of comprehensive baseball knowledge, healthy mind/body connections, work and drills, plus charismatic coaches is a grand slam. My son left with such enthusiasm, and it was incredible. The most amazing part was how well he listened!! They don’t just spew out a bunch of information; they take the time to make each player (and their family) feel like the event is catered to their needs. There’s a lot of talk about disconnects and connections, well the Texas Baseball Ranch staff made a connection to our son and family! Thank you TBR and Throwzone Academy!”

  • Jennifer Moore, Sunland, CA 

Coach Wolforth’s system works for pitchers of all ages. He has: 

  • A 95 lb. 11-year-old throwing 69.5 mph and 242 feet in long toss
  • 4 eighth-graders throwing in the mid 80s
  • 6 high school juniors throwing at 95 mph
  • A college sophomore throwing 98 mph

Here are a few things pitchers can expect to learn at this year’s Elite Pitchers Boot Camp:

  • Mechanical efficiencies
  • Control and command
  • A world-class deceleration pattern
  • Explosiveness in the lower half
  • Velocity maintenance through the season
  • Arm care routines
  • Game time warm-ups, how to stay warm
  • Strategy and how to keep hitters off balance
  • Video presentations of pitching deliveries and how they work for you
  • Most up-to-date information and training done at the Texas Baseball Ranch

However, this camp is not for everyone! 

The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is specifically designed for the serious, dedicated, and committed ballplayer whose goal is to move to the next level in baseball. It’s only for those players with a burning desire to reach levels in pitching and throwing that a standard baseball program cannot offer.

Remember, Coach Wolforth and his team of experts are in Southern California ONE WEEKEND ONLY each year! Many spend thousands of dollars traveling to Houston to train with him.

However, if you sign up before August 19th, you can attend this 3-day event for only $999!

After August 19th, the price goes up to $1,125.

And two weeks before camp starts, the price will rise once more to $1,295.

Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is limited to the first 30 pitchers who sign up. Before this event was even announced to the public, 17 of those slots were already filled, and the remaining spots are going fast.

Visit our website at, or call us at 661-644-8814 for details and registration information. You can also reach out to Jim Wagner at

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn from the best pitching coaches in the country. Sign up today!

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