Reason #6 to Sign Up for Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

What’s reason #6 why you should sign up for Throwzone’s Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp? Because the cost of showcases and summer travel teams are skyrocketing in price—and with no guarantee that players will get the results they hope for. 

There’s no explanation needed for the rising cost of travel, team fees, hotels, gas, and food. And playing summer baseball is VERY expensive while offering NO guarantee of a college coach in sight. After all, what’s the purpose of playing travel ball or going to a showcase but to be seen? Your return on investment (ROI) is nonexistent. 

However, training and developing your son’s skill set at a reasonable cost offers the best opportunity for a coach to show an interest in your son’s talent, especially if their fastball velocity goes up to record levels. The only way for this to happen is to train and develop without wasting money on all the costs associated with summer baseball.

Throwzone Academy is a full-service throwing and pitching academy specializing in building arm strength, arm health, and recovery for the thousands of players who have walked through our doors. Through April 2023, over 212 players have reached 90 mph, 83 players have reached 94 mph, and 24 have reached 100 mph.

Get more information about signing up for our Summer Training Camp by clicking this link:

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