Reason #5 to Attend Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

We’re halfway through our top ten list of reasons to sign up for Throwzone’s Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp! Ready for reason #5? Here you go: Because as my mentor, Ron Wolforth, always says, “Hope is not a plan.”

When you train with us here at Throwzone Academy, we have a plan in place for you to develop your strength, stay healthy, and recover better.  There is a specific plan for everyone who trains here, with their goals and needs getting met from day one of training. Most players hope that a college will see them. Players hope they can throw the ball at 90 mph. But as Ron Wolforth says, “Hope is not a plan.” Training with us gives you a plan—a plan put into action every day during summer camp.

Start putting that plan into action today by clicking the following link to sign up and hold your spot for the Throwzone Academy Summer Training Camp:

Throwzone Academy is a full-service throwing and pitching academy specializing in building arm strength, arm health, and recovery for the thousands of players who have walked through our doors. Through April 2023, over 212 players have reached 90 mph, 83 players have reached 94 mph, and 24 have reached 100 mph.

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