Spots Available for 2nd Session of Summer Baseball Training Camp in July!

Spots are now available for the second session of the 2022 Summer Velocity Enhancment and Arm Health Camp in July!

Why is attending Throwzone’s 16th annual Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp so important in a player’s development? Here’s one reason…

Myth: I must play a lot of games during the summer months in order to get noticed by colleges.

Fact: If you don’t possess skills such as a high velocity on your pitches, running faster than anyone else around you, or the ability to hit like Mike Trout, then it’s a waste of time to go to showcases.

Solution: Training during the all-important summer season is an ABSOLUTE must to prepare you for scout ball or your high school fall season. Here at Throwzone Academy, we can train you to improve your throwing and pitching skill set by adding velocity to your pitches, creating better movement on other pitches such as a breaking ball or changeup, and providing a roadmap to continue on your quest to pitch at the collegiate level and above.

We have both morning and afternoon slots open and are just waiting to receive your registration form. Throwzone’s summer training program is one of the most important ways your player can build his skill set, which includes a healthy arm as well as the ability to throw harder.

Sign up today!


July 5 to July 28

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays


First class: 10:00am – 12:30pm

Second class: 1:00pm – 3:30pm

All training will be held indoors at the Throwzone Academy pitching facility.

This camp is for players aged 13 years and older.

Each day, the camp will be a 2 hour and 30 minute workout with individual attention given to building up core strength and beginning arm care as well as movement patterns that will precede the camp.


2 weeks: $409

3 weeks: $599

4 weeks: $749

Because of our individualized training, spots are limited, and the classes are filling up! This means it’s urgent you register as soon as possible.

A $100 deposit is required to hold a spot with the remaining fees due the first day of camp. Camp registration forms will be emailed to you after your confirmation.

When you reach out to us requesting to hold a spot for the summer training, I will send you a registration form to be completed and signed. Once that is filled out and the deposit is secured, then you will be one of the campers whose summer training is going to have a permanent impact on your baseball career!

Once our classes are full, there will be no further students admitted. 

Don’t miss out on the only sport-specific training and throwing program available on the west coast that focuses on the areas you need to become a more durable baseball player with better arm recovery AND increased velocity, while also maintaining control and command of your pitches.

Contact Jim at 661-644-2147 (texting is preferred) or email for more information regarding the sessions you’re interested in and payment options.

If you want to become great at something and achieve your goal, then you must write it down and measure the steps along the way. That’s what Throwzone Academy is doing and why we’re a leader in the development of pitchers and throwers!

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