Reason #9 to Sign Up for Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

The #9 reason on our top ten list to attend Throwzone’s Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp is this: You need more velocity on your pitches.

If you are a sophomore on the freshman team, a junior on JV, or a sophomore on varsity but you did not pitch much at all, then you need to build up your arm strength to help with velocity on your fastball and sharpen the break on your changeup and/or curveball. If your off-speed pitches are below 68 mph, you need to build up your arm strength immediately to have a chance to pitch on varsity next season.

Improve your arm strength and velocity by grabbing a spot in our Summer Training Camp! Click on this link for more information, and sign up today!

Throwzone Academy is a full-service throwing and pitching academy specializing in building arm strength, arm health, and recovery for the thousands of players who have walked through our doors. Through April 2023, over 212 players have reached 90 mph, 83 players have reached 94 mph, and 24 have reached 100 mph.

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