Reason #8 to Attend Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

Indoor pitching instruction at Jim Wagner's ThrowZone Academy

Our top ten reasons to sign up for Throwzone’s Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp continue today with reason #8: Playing in summer showcases is a waste of money.

If you plan on attending weeklong summer showcases, good luck to you if your velocity isn’t where it should be. Showcase marketing is very good at promoting the idea that you will be part of USA Baseball — you will play on MLB fields (never mind that they are on minor league side backfields) against good competition. What they don’t tell you is the heat is triple digits, the hotel rooms are expensive, and if you are a pitcher, you might play 2 times over 5 days — and that’s if your arm isn’t hanging by a thread. If you want a baseball vacation, then by all means, do it. But if you’re hoping to be “seen” by colleges, you’re investing your money in the wrong area. Plus, colleges cannot have contact with you during the summer anyway.

Instead, summer is the ideal time to further develop your skill set, arm health, and velocity at our Summer Training Camp. Just click this link to learn more and save your spot for the summer!

Throwzone Academy is a full-service throwing and pitching academy specializing in building arm strength, arm health, and recovery for the thousands of players who have walked through our doors. Through April 2023, over 212 players have reached 90 mph, 83 players have reached 94 mph, and 24 have reached 100 mph.

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