Reason #7 to Attend Throwzone’s Summer Training Camp

Reason #7 why you should sign up for Throwzone’s Summer Velocity Enhancement and Arm Health Camp is an important one: Pitching in the summer after a long winter and spring season is asking for an injury!

Many pitchers have pitched 50, 60, and 70+ innings between fall, winter, and spring games and need to get their bodies back in a strengthened state. Coaches tell these pitchers that pitching for their college-level team or an elite-level travel/select ball team for the summer will give them experience. 

However, the body and arm of a high school and/or college-level pitcher need time to build their strength back up to a peak position. Continually breaking the body down by pitching in games over and over is a surefire way to get injured sometime over the next season, let alone at the start of practice in the fall. 

It happens every year, including this past year, with a pitcher who kept throwing over and over on the weekends without much rest. Once his fall practice started at his high school, his arm problems began and kept him from pitching much in the fall due to not training and getting his body right. 

Playing summer ball is a reason to get injured unless you are training your body and getting stronger. Our Summer Training Camp is all about helping you build that strength so your arm is healthy and ready to go when baseball season starts again. 

Click on this link for more information, and sign up today for the Throwzone Academy Summer Training Camp!

Throwzone Academy is a full-service throwing and pitching academy specializing in building arm strength, arm health, and recovery for the thousands of players who have walked through our doors. Through April 2023, over 212 players have reached 90 mph, 83 players have reached 94 mph, and 24 have reached 100 mph.

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